This is the information page for  ASPEE CLUB 7     THE E - SHOPPING DIRECTORY 
    The page gives the in depth view of the website page and information on other pages that are added to the website. 
    It gives information on the owners, the web stores and products and services that has been on the website. 


      SUNDIP PATEL  has lived entirely in Kenya having spend 27 years. A Hindu, He lived and worked all his life in Kenya. Having seen and loved wildlife, holidays,  motor sports and doing his schooling education in Nairobi - Kenya.  Later SUNDIP settled in London,  UK. He went on trips to Uganda, Tanzania and India while on Holidays. In the later years, he has been to Budapest, Istanbul, Paris, Zurich and been on a cruise while in Cyprus, went on to see Cairo and the Pyramids. He has also seen the most beautiful the -Taj Mahaal in India. The wonder of the world that has griped the world for it's beauty and sheer glory.

      He took his 'O' Levels and further his college education in Business studies before embarking with his father in his business. He came to the UK in 1989 where he underwent a further studies of computer web designs where he learned to design websites on his own and began to design the shopping website. 

     Married and divorced with 2 daughters, having gone through troubled marriage, he has now settled down with a beautiful young woman as his beautiful loving partner in a long loving life relationship. SUNDIP has moved forward in his relationship and settled down with his loving partner in love life and and in enjoying his Internet website development career. 

    He now plans continue to pursue the career of computers and business project that engross his time and energy in the development. The website went to became a hobby which lead him to build into a business project. After some years of research, later evolved into a business project of a shopping website with range of stores and products and services provided to most households. The latest trend is now the shopping channel bazaar that he has designed for easy shoppers in mind.

 The multiple start-ups he had worked, gained the experience and developed the idea working on the Internet. Today he created the Shopping world of Online Shopping Bazaar from this idea that has created into a business block. The next plan is to set up the online web store for internationally known as a Shopping world store -  ASPEE CLUB 7.  

  The website shopping has been paged into section that shall be easy to navigate through to the page, store and products and services and easy to go. Each section has been named for easy location for shopping purchases and services. 
  The shopping page consists of the following -

 1. Shopping - The List of all firms from - Fashion, household, travel, services, office and domestic, car, electrical, parts, plumbing, flooring, music, stationary, furniture and adult. 

 2.  Fashion -  A range of Fashion, Clothing, Beauty and Hair range with Lingerie range for ladies and Shoes, Swimwear, Children wear range and Jewellery. Men's wear. ( under subject to construction of web page)
  3. Household - Most household ranging from lights, tools, household goods, Garden and Home furniture and Fabrics. Also kitchen range and appliances.

 4.  Services - Travel, Financial, Insurance, Car parts, lighting, courier and parcel services, airport parking, hotels, holidays, builders renovations work, spare parts, stationary. 

 5. Weddings - Wedding Jewellery, Beauty products, Lingerie range, hair care, dresses,  swimwear,  Adult range products. wedding shoes, travel & holidays, airport parking, wedding clothing.

ASPEE CLUB 7 is the new shopping bazaar website that is increasing in new range of Firms, products and Services in different sections of the Marketing directory. 

After an intense research of Marketing and Directory formation, this Website was formed. the name ASPEE has been taken from the family business formed in Nairobi.  In 2018 Sundip began the directory research to form this Marketing Directory, contacted firms who sold products and services online.  
The website is supporting many British firms helping market the range of many products and services.  Thus this helps employment and economy of the nation. 


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